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Sun, 2005-Jun-26

How do I comment?

I don't currently support a direct commenting mechnism, but I encourage and welcome feedback. The best way to comment is to respond in your own blog, and to let me know you've done it. If you are a member of technorati I should notice your entry within a few days.

Another alterntaive is email, and when I want to comment on blogs that don't support comments I will usually do both. A recent example is this entry which I first sent as an email to Rusty, then posted the content of my email into the blog. You can see my email address on the left-hand panel of my blog. You'll need to substitute " at " for "@", which I hope is not too onerous.

The main reason I don't accept comments directly is history. I use static web space provided by my ISP and don't have much control over how the data is served and the kind of feedback that can be garnered. I also have a mild fear that comment spam will become a significant adminstration overhead as I have to keep up with the appropriate plugins to avoid too much hassle in this regard. Blogging is an easy and fun way to publish your thoughts, and I hope that a network of links between blogs will be as effective as a slashdot-style commenting system for the amount of interest and feedback my own blog attracts.

Thanks! :)