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Sun, 2008-Jul-06

Core REST Patterns

I committed a few more bytes to the network, and have document what I think is the very core set of REST patterns. These cover from a patterns perspective many of the REST constraints. Only layering is called out explicitly as a pattern:

  1. GET
  2. PUT
  3. Registry
  4. Layering

Do have a read. Each of the patterns tries to cover the whole lifecycle of a series of requests and discuss the pros and cons of the choices made. I include information about what is important to supply in requests and responses, and how clients and servers should generally behave. Hopefully I'll be telling someone something they don't know. I'm trying to create something of a bridge between the practical and the theoretical in the REST space.

I haven't documented code on demand, the so-called "optional" constraint (which makes it sound like a pattern to me) of REST. I'll start working on others in the coming weeks and may cover it then. I welcome suggestions, contributions, critique, etc.