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Fri, 2006-Sep-01

REST Triangle, URLConstruction, RESTfulDesign

I have put a few more draft documents up on restwiki:

The article names perhaps don't quite do them justice. The REST Triangle article is about how REST decouples various problem domains from each other to be solved separately. It lays out what those problem domains are, what the purpose of each problem domain is, and why you should be avoid crossover between the problem domains. URL Construction is something of a splinter discussion about why URLs shouldn't be used to convey information to clients, and why clients shouldn't construct URLs.

RESTful design is my summary of how to design a RESTful interface. It is based on Object-Oriented design, at least until you get past the resource definition into the definition of hyperlinks and content schemas. I think the information there is good, although I haven't included a specific case study as yet. Also, restwiki doesn't look like it supports images. It is a bit hard to convey some of the diagramming that should go on in this kind of design without image support.

All documents are subject to future change, and your mileage may vary. Good luck, and I hope they mean something to you.