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Sun, 2006-Aug-13

REST Tutorial

I have written up my first draft of a REST Tutorial.

This provides a semi-practical description of how you can get to a non-RESTful distributed object environment to a RESTful one in four easy or not so easy lessons. It is based on my experiences so far doing this for my employer. It isn't about the politics of the migration, that is a whole 'nother issue. It isn't about the specific technical issues, like how you would set up a web server or what software to use. It is about how to set up uniform identifiers, a uniform resource abstraction, standard methods, and standard content types.

I have a little blurb about how I have been doing REST design, but I haven't added diagrams as of yet. The article should be considered live, and I intend to adjust and expand it from time to time as feedback emerges.