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Tue, 2006-Jan-03

The Efficient Software Initiative

The Efficient Software wiki has been launched. From the wiki:

This wiki is designed to concentrate efforts to create a new software industry. It is an industry that does not rely on delivering parallel services in order to fund software development or on the payment of license fees, but instead yields return as software is developed. It leverages the ability of a project's own bug database to bring customer and developer together. Efficient Software is intended to become a business that helps put money into the model. Its business model will be developed in the open and will be free for anyone to adopt. The product is more important than any one implementation of the business model. Cooperation is good, but the threat of competition is healthy too.

The fundamental goal of the Efficient Software initiative is to increase the money available to free software projects and free software developers. Contributors currently make donations to software projects, but it is unclear how much they should give and what their motivation is beyond "these are nice guys, I like them". Efficient Software is designed to create a market in which customers and projects can participate to meet customer needs and project needs.

Have at it!

Also, I would love to hear from anyone who is prepared to host a mailing list for the initiative.

Update: The wiki now has edit capability, and there is an irc channel. Join #efficientsoftware on