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Sun, 2005-Sep-04

HTTP Subscription v3

This is my third time around the mulberry bush with HTTP subscription, and I've been lucky to have had contact with a few people on the subject now. I've even seen working code, and an internet-scale demonstration. Unfortunately I'm unable to link the the demo at the request of its author who doesn't want a drowned server :)

In accordance with what has been developing, I have transferred some of my current thinking to the RestWiki. This site appears to be a little neglected so I've be starting to nibble around the edges to try and improve things. If I don't meet any resistance soon I may start really getting into the content and pushing my own view of REST and its variants.

I've updated the FAQ and intend to do some more pruning and updating after giving anyone who is actually still working on the site time to reject my input. I've also commented on an existing HTTP Subscription Specification, and most exciting of all I've collated my current thinking on HTTP subscription into a canonical resource that I intend to keep updating.

This URL will be the base of operations for any further updates and should avoid the fragmentary approach that developing specification via blogging tends to encourage. I have split the specification in a main introductary page, A page on the necessary and desirable features of a HTTP subscription protcol, and a page for the specifcation itself.

I have allowed room at the bottom of the requirements and specification pages for general comments.