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Fri, 2005-Aug-19

Disposable Software

I just read these articles published by Ryan Tomayko's lesscode site on disposable software and the fallacy of resuse. They immediately strike a chord with me. Especially when you're talking about inexperienced software developers it is easy to go down the path of overengineering with a justification of "it'll make implementation of the next set of requirements easier" or "it'll make it more generic". The last few years of agile development methodologies have been working to belie these arguments. Indirection is not abstraction.

When you write more code to do the same thing,
when you put a wrapper in front of a perfectly servicable abstraction or concrete class,
when you hide what is really going on in order to make your code "higher level",
when you write software you don't have requirements for yet,
when you prepare the way for the coming king,
when you code a generic design before you have two working concrete designs and three sets of concrete requirements,
you make it harder to understand,
you make it harder to maintain,
you make it more costly both now and into the future.

Software is like a user interface. The fewer concepts your users have to be aware of the more likely they'll be able to write software that uses yours. The fewer concepts you have in your code the more likely someone else will be able to review and maintain it.

Reusuable software is not a valid goal in and of itself because in the very act of creating a great reusable component you introduce another concept into your software, perhaps more than one. Your software is worse because of it. Unused reusability is actively harmful. Design what you need and go no further.

Your software is not your baby. It is not something you can hang onto. Be ready to throw it away and start again. The worth of your software is not in your software. The worth of your software is in you. The intellectual property of the company you work for is not what they gave you thousands of dollars to build. It is what they gave you thousands of dollars to become.