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Sat, 2004-Sep-25

TransactionSafe release 0.1

Well, the first revision is out. It's buggy, non-functional, and poorly-designed. Oh, and it doesn't really handle any error or exceptional cases, yet. You've got to start somewhere, I suppose. Currently the application only supports creation of account trees (not even deletion of accounts). You can't enter transaction data or get it back out again in the form of reports. The design is a first-cut pulled together from a lot of examples on the web rather than one that was planned. I also have a bug that I haven't gotten to the bottom of where when you rename an account it sometimes looks like its changing the name of a completely different account.

I decided to go with python for this revision, and have found no reason yet that I will move away from it in future revisions. I've had to learn python (which I'd never programmed in before), and gtk (which I'd never programmed with before), but at least I was familiar with the sqlite interface. Given the hurdles I think I've done ok for a first cut.

I made the choice of python because although it isn't the shortest path between sqlite and gtk, it does appear to be the path of least resistence. I haven't had to even think about creating a "database abstraction layer" because the python database model of returning row objects with attributes already in place to do the relevant things is exactly what I would have wanted to put together anyway. I really like the way python deals with databases.

I intend for my next revision to focus on refactoring the GUI code, which is currently in a terrible state. I might even start to put together a basic register (general ledger). Soon after that point I'll have to go back to my data models and work out how to get predicates from different rdf schemas to play nicely in the same database. At that point the current data model is likely to be replaced by a new one, so don't go using the formats I've specified so far for anything important :)

To those scared off reading my previous documentation revisions by the staroffice format they were released in, fear no longer. I have a pdf in the 0.1 release tarball which I hope will make for somewhat interesting reading, even though I haven't really put the time into it to clean it up or to cover what I'm doing with the python.

Anyway, that about does it. The quick link is here