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Sat, 2004-Sep-11

A draft in time for HUMBUG

I haven't recieved any feedback on drafts of my proposal so far, which perhaps isn't surprising given that it's 26 pages long and doesn't even get to talking about design for code or definition of what I'm actually building, yet. Anyway, I thought I'd get another draft (TransactionSafe_Proposal,1.1C.sxw) out before going to HUMBUG for the evening.

This draft tightens up a few things in terms of the schema and conversions. It writes up some requirement of what kind RDF schemas I expect to work with and how they should be translated to sqlite queries. It also includes lot support into the RDF and SQLite queries.

This is the last revision I intend to write before starting to hammer out an API for dealing with the data. I'm still leaning towards doing the things in C++, as old habits die hard... but I'm not really thrilled about any current alternatives (C++ included). Anyway... it's more of the conceptual framework I want to map out. The ideas of how you want to access database data inside a software application. My basic requirements are that you should be able to write sql queries to your heart's content, but also be able to work with and navigate between objects without having to do any string concatenation in the process.

Have fun reading