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Sun, 2005-Jun-26

Google: ccm how to print out all my working tasks continuus

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I've been interested by the number of google hits I get to my site that aren't relevant. Every so often I take a look at recent queries. This section of my blog is a small attempt to improve relevance for people who are visiting my site for all the wrong reasons. I may or may not do this again, and I may or may not accept further inquiry via email.

This entry's query was "ccm how to print out all my working tasks continuus". I don't have either CCM or a CCM manual in front of my to verify my syntax, but I think I can still help. CCM has a fundamental model of objects and relationships that in some ways resembles the Resource Description Framework (RDF). Tasks are a type of object in the database, so can either be accessed by the general ccm query command or via the ccm task commands. For DCM-enabled databases, task object names take the form


This form itself is derived from the general object form of


Maybe URI-based scheme would have been better, perhaps "ccm:/<dbid>/task/<task-number>" and "ccm:/<dbid>/object/<object-name>/<object-instance>/<object-version>". Well, that's by the by.

The simplest answer in this case would have been something like

ccm task -query <somehthing-or-other>

but I don't use that form myself very much and don't remember the precise syntax. The form I would actually use is:

ccm query -t task -s working "assigned_to = '<me>'"

That should pretty much do it, assuming "working" is the right name for this task state. It will come out as an object list. You can use -u to drop the numbers, and -f "..." to format the output as you like. "ccm attr -l @<query-result-row-number>" will show you the attributes a particular task object has that you can use in the -f string.

Well, I hope that little snippet will be useful to someone :)