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Fri, 2007-Aug-10

My daughter can count

My daughter unofficially counted to eight (8) today. I say unofficially, because she hasn't repeated herself as yet. She has only repeated counting to six (6).

She is going great guns. She is teething at the moment, so very dribbly. Most of her teeth are through, now, so we are near the end of it. On the whole she is happy, calm, bright, self-confident, well-behaved. We couldn't ask for more. We are currently trying to wean her, which she is also coping with very well.

I tried to list her vocabulary in an email the other week, but I had no hope of developing a complete list. She is coming up with new words all the time. You only have to say a word once is she is ready to repeat it. One of the important words she has come up with since I put this list together is "Genevieve", her own name.

She understands most of what we say. I can tell her to give things to people and she does. She walks unassisted, but is reasonably happy most of the time to hold my hand. She knows that you don't touch things at the shops, because they are not ours. She manages to stay out of the kitchen most of the time, but when she's tired and an adult is in there she can't help but want to come up for a cuddle. She gets stopped by tourists who want to have their photo taken with her (well, it only happened once... but it did happen). She loves her books. She loves bathtime, and really loves her sleep (like her Daddy). She likes to dance and watches rage a fair bit. She cried more than Abby did when Abby fell of the couch the other day. She brings toys to kids at day care who can't walk yet. She doesn't give in to bullys who try to take things from her... and when they really take them or push her over she cries a little too deliberately and pointedly.

She has had another round of immunisations, now. At sixteen (16) months she coped very well, and there were bubbles at the end: Whee!