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Sun, 2006-Sep-24

Congratulations Genevieve

You are officially the cutest baby in Wynnum.

Cutest baby in Wynnum

At least, you are the cutest baby in Wynnum who's parents brought them along to the Wynnum Spring Festival Baby Show

Genevieve with her trophies

Genevieve won:

Genevieve's trophies and medals

It is no longer parental bias that she is the most beautiful baby girl around. It is now objective fact. Thanks go to her talented Gran for her hand-made smocked dress which wowed judges and fellow parents alike.

Do you like my dress?

There were a lot of beautiful babies at the contest. The overall winner trophy came down to the wire, with two babies equal on points. Genevive won in a tiebreaker of cuteness.

I know I'm cute