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Sat, 2006-Aug-12

Genevieve Alice: Four months, twenty-three days

Genevieve has come a long way since day thirty-seven. She has seen a number of milestones of note. She now wriggles and almost rolls over. She makes wonderful noises which sometimes end up with word-like sounds. She loves playing with her toys, and no longer needs Mummy or Daddy tending constantly to her whims. She loves floor time, and no longer cries when left for more than a few seconds.

Family Portrait

Genevieve is now wearing some size zero clothing. Having started out in the 0000 (four zero) sizes she has managed to grow through most of her 000 and some of her 00 garments. She is looking longer in the face, after a period of only becoming fuller. We are seeing expressions that remind us of our own families.

Pondering dolly toes

My mother is Gran, my father is Granddad. Michelle's mother is Nan, and her step-father is Pop. Everyone seems to be settled into their routines, now. Even Auntie Heather and Uncle Peter seem comfortable with their new status.

Surrounded by toys and love

Genevieve has now seen two rounds of immunisations. The first was at two months, and the second at four months. These are tales worth recounting, as she handled them well. Consider that these immuisations consist of three needles: One in one leg, and two in the other. I was lucky enough to be able to attend both, and held her while Michelle looked on. The first time around she was shocked to recieve the first needle. She didn't know what to think, or how to react. Needle two and needle three came in quick succession. Well, then she knew exactly what to do. Arrrgh!!! She burst into tears. She cried for a minute, and I said "Good work, good job". She looked me in the eye and settled immediately. She was still upset for a while afterwards, and soon went to sleep on my shoulder.

The four month injections were the same as the two-month injections:

That's quite a punch, and this time around she had more stamina. She screamed again, and this time needed quite a bit of settling. Perhaps she was no longer naieve enough to think Daddy knew what was best in the face of such overwhelming evidence to the contrary from her own body. She cried for about five minutes before settling, and again needed a sleep afterwards.

The night of the first set of immunisations was the first night she needed paracetamol. She was pretty upset after the second round also. Both rounds saw her fine and happy by the time morning rolled around.

Serious Thoughts

Genevieve pushed her first tooth though her gumline 2006-07-30 while Michelle was out getting a few things from the shops. Ever since she has been an absolute dream of a child, happy at every opportunity. She woke us up around 04:30 hours this morning practicing her little squeals of delight. She is indeed at a beautiful age.

Testing the new tooth

Genevieve still sleeps through the night. So far so good. We are still using cloth nappies, and we have seen a minimum of nappy rash. Teething is supposed to be really difficult time for rashes, something about acidic poos. We will have to keep a close eye out and keep applying sudocream as appropriate. She has almost grown out of her first set of covers, but her original hemp nappies are still holding up. All in all it has been a good investment. We have probably gone through about four 36-packs of disposables so far during run-out wash-days or simply out and about the town days.


She continues to have no real naughty streak. When she is really eager for a feed and her routine is out she sometimes fusses and needs verbal correction on the change table... but when she is well-rested and well-fed she is a delight.

Blue Steel

Around the three month mark she learned to say "Hello". We had a great game going on the change table playing "Hello" for a few weeks before she got bored of it and moved onto other less intelligable sounds. She sometimes brings out her Hellos, and my mother saw a good demonstration when we were over for dinner the other night. Although I know she didn't know what Hello meant when she said it, it does feel good to be the father of a child who said their first play word so early ;)


Genevieve loves her Mummy and her Daddy at this stage. I play with her during nappy time while her bottom is getting an airing, just before sleep time. When she is really hungry she goes straight to Mum to feed. When she is only moderately so, she'll fixate on me. I have to hide from her so that she doesn't get distracted. Even then, the sound of my voice can set her off. She spends most of her time with Mummy, so both Mother and child welcome the break when Daddy is home.