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Sun, 2005-Dec-18

Carlyle Christmas Newsletter, 2005

2005 has been an action packed year. The biggest news is that if all goes to plan Michelle and I will be parents about three and half months after we hit our fifth wedding anniversary. Our firstborn is due to come into the world March 16. We have been starting to assemble bits and pieces. We have a pram. We have a cot. Hrrmm... car seat. Cloth nappies, and a few disposables. Possibly a change table. A plush sheep. I guess in practice we have a lot still to get done.

I'm a little worried that it will be like our wedding: Three or four months of thinking everything is pretty much planned an in place, plus two or three weeks of frenetic work getting everything we hadn't thought of done. With Michelle in her condition I don't think I'll be able to take too much of a break at that time, either.

Michelle herself is doing well. She isn't liking the heat at all, but medically she hasn't run into any trouble so far. She is really starting to balloon out (but is just as gorgeous as ever), and we are told that her waistline will continue to grow about one centimetre per week until the birth. We actually caught the last few minutes of "The Human Body" (an episode of the BBC series) last night. This was footage of actual childbirth, and I'm not sure Michelle really welcomed the spectre of things to come. We have only just attended our first Antenatal class, so undoubtably there is much more of this to come. Nevertheless we are currently planning on a natural birth, so it looks like we'll be in that position soon.

With all of the work-related things going on in our lives I don't think we've quite reached the level of anticipation mixed with dread that prospective first time parents should be at. We've been quietly hoping that things would just sort themselves out. I have been very busy trying to get a new release of the software I'm working on out the door. I've just gone on holidays so I won't know whether it officially makes it by Christmas until I return mid-January. I have three weeks of leave over Christmas, plus and additional four weeks planned for the birth. I imagine this set will be the more relaxing of the two :)

Michelle will be returning to work for only two weeks next year, and is planning on taking most of the year's remainder as maternity leave. Ideally she'll come back in a part-time capacity, and possibly work her way back into things after that. She has never been out of the work environment for long before, and when she has she has wanted to get back into things as quickly as possible. I think by June she'll be scratching at the doors to get out ;)

Luckily we have plenty of family living close by. My parents are walking distance away. My sister has just moved in to a place that is walking distance in the other direction. Michelle's mother is a short drive from here, as is her grandmother. I have an Aunt and cousins close by also. Between all of that, friends, and professional childcare arrangements we should be able to get some time to ourselves every so often. As to imposing on friends and relatives, well, I guess we'll just have to raise a child that everyone loves and wants to have around! No problem. I'm sure we won't have a child that screams from sun up to sun down like Michelle did as a baby. We surely won't have a child that spends his life seeing how much he can annoy the people around him before they give in to violent rage (I bet you can't guess who did that). At the moment we're just hoping for happy and healthy.

Oh well. I think I'll leave it at that for this year. For more information contact the usual suspects. I'll now return you to your regular tech blogging.