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Sat, 2005-Aug-20

1 Crest Avenue

It looks like Michael Ellerman has been visiting the town where I grew up. I lived in Nowra until I was about thirteen just here, right on the corner of that avenue. I'm fairly suspicious that isn't the house I grew up in. I recall a tin roof, which was flat. My family used to climb up there to watch the fireworks of the Norwa Show. The park I used to play in is just directly to the north, then further north across the road is my primary school. Still on my block and this time at the far western edge is the church my family attended, the Norwa church of christ. Because of its proximity to the school we had after-school care and outreach in the building for some time during the year.

Further south is the bushland I played in as a child. You can see the southern fork of Crest Avenue turn into a bit of a goat's track, then a path leading back west. I'm not sure (it might have been a little further north and not visible on this shot) but I suspect that is the path my siblings and I mostly kept to. There was a stream running across it at one point, quite a nice place to hang out when you're ten. One time I even found a path the headed further south and landed me on the golf course.

Within the school grounds is a marker for the highest point in the district. We were well clear of the floods that tended to cause a boat of some historical significance to float away from time to time. It was tied down near the swimming pool across the bridge.

I spent one year (year 7) at the local high school before my family headed north. Being in an agricultral area the school had a great little farm just to the north-east where we got to see lambs being castrated and grow our own vegitables. It was also involved in a state grants program and was on of the early "Technology" high schools. It seems they've since dropped the T from NTHS. It didn't mean too much, but every subject pretty much had to have some computing element to it. I remember for a school project I built a 3/4 scale model of my home PC out of cardboard and labelled all of the mock chips and isa cards. Unfortunately the thing never booted.

Here is the other pool in the area. This one was used by my primary school. The other was used by my high school. This is where I put my head underwater for the first time, somewhat of a trauma because I had previously had grommets in both ears and was most definately not permitted to do so when the other children learned such things. The field and building to the south were used for a carnival once, as I recall.

Nowra/Bommederry was and I believe still is the end of the train line from Sydney and through Wollongong. I may be wrong, but I think this is the train station. My recollection isn't quite strong enough to be certain but I'm about 80% sure I'm right based on following the roads and what I think is the train line itself. This was the way in and the way out, so there were lots of exciting trips launched and returned from. Anyway, as you can see I'm a bit of a country boy at heart so long as that country is well within reach of a computer. I miss the bush and the family atmosphere even now.