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Tue, 2005-Jun-21

Indianapolis '05

Well, what a race.

It was pretty exciting seeing six cars circulating around the track. One was emitting smoke from the starting line, so we all hoped to see attrition. The two Ferraris almost took each other out at the end of the second round of pit stops. That was exciting. Seeing water bottles explode on formula1 tyres and marshalls scooting across the track to retreive beer cans was a hoot.

My favourite part of the grand prix was a Michelan ad. Its slogan "A better way forward" really seemed appropriate.

So, my take?

As far as the sporting side goes, if Michelan has been able to squeeze extra pace out of their cars and give their teams an advantage by undertaking a stragegy that risked this kind of situation then Bridgestone teams have the right to see a reward for their conservatism. As for the race, it should have gone ahead and everyone agrees on that. It's just that noone can agree on how it should have gone ahead.

You can't just add a chicane to a race track less than twelve hours before the event and after final qualifying. You can't allow the Michelan runners to take points after a failure of this magnatude, nor can you allow them to interfere with the Bridgestone cars. In that sense the actual outcome serves the sporting competition better than any alternative... but to have a six car race in such a senstive place in the world and in this day and age of F1 is crazy. Should the Michelan teams have been able to use new tyres and start from the pit, and be awarded no points for their effort? I don't know. In the end, I don't see the points awarded to Ferrari on Sunday as a farce. They were earned through a better tyre strategy than those of their competitors.

The man I feel most sorry for is Tiago Monteiro who placed third. He deserved to enjoy his first and probably only podium for the forseeable furture more than he was really permitted to by circumstances. As for the politics, I'm sure the americans are furious and not just the fans. I'm sure that the FIA and the rogue teams will continue sniping. It's unclear who will bear more of the brunt: The FIA for not putting on a show, or Michelan for not coming to the track ready to race. A 70% retirement rate on the formation lap just doesn't look good anywhere or at any time.