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Mon, 2005-Jun-06

Why Pimp my Blog?

Nicolai noticed my previous post and noted that his own blog seemed to get plenty of interest from web browsers, and that for him pimping is probably not required.

I used to be in that boat, but as I've indicated I haven't been entirely happy with the amount of feedback I had been getting[1]. I'm looking for less in the way of quantity and more in the way of a focused technical set reading what I write. Otherwise for me it's like writing software that only I use. I know the quality won't be what I really want, but my care factor and self-editing are reduced when my ramblings are only for myself :)

As I recall, it was Andrae who put me on to it, but for actual non-feed readers of my blog I do keep track using an icon down the left side of the page. It currently sits just below my blosxom credit and if you click on it you can get quite an interesting traffic breakdown. Thanks Extreme Tracking.

Presently, it shows that over the lifetime of my blog I have averaged eight (8) apparently-unique hits per day, or two hundred and twenty two (222) per month. It hardly puts me on the "A" list shared by folk like Tim Bray or Miguel de Icaza, but it does give me some encouragement to keep putting pen to paper.

Interesting statistics:


[1] zero :)