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Tue, 2004-Jun-22

Kiersey personality profile (Harry potter style)

I noticed Sandra put up her profile from this particular source on her blog while browsing planet humbug.

Here are my results:
Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

This is a kiersey test. Interestingly this shows me as an INTP, while several years ago I tested as INFP. Have I become more comfortable with logic and rules? This would match my DISC profile, which showed my adapted style becoming more rules-oriented. This masks my natural style of ploughing on ahead without so much consultation with past experience.

... or all personality tests could be barely-refined horoscopes. Horoscopes are ultimately successful because they tell you want you want to hear. Do personality tests simply refine their suggestion of what you want to hear based on a few questions?

Sun, 2004-Jun-20

My sporting interests

Well, it's that time of the week again. It's Sunday, and tonight is a formala 1 sunday night.

Tonight's race is the american grand prix, a fairly recent addition to the list of formula 1 tracks but not quite is recent as Barian which ran for the first time this year. I won't be staying up for this one, though. It's just a little bit late in the evening Brisbane time.

The american grand prix started running at Indianapolis in 2000, and is a big part in the attempt to broaden the f1 appeal from a fairly European focus. It should be a good race, with Rubens Barrichello in pole position next to his star teammate Michael Schumacher. From past experience we can say that it will probably end up with a Ferrari 1, 2 result again but there should be some action further down the field. Our own runner, Mark Webber is running an experimental engine which could help him show off his magnificent driving skills. He's with Jaguar, a mid-level team, but has managed to achieve consistent results since his 2002 debut and late 2002 to early 2003 move to the Jaguar family. The danger with a new engine is that it may not be reliable under race conditions.

My recollection of the american track is that it is quite wide with a lot of high-speed sections. A powerful engine could really make the difference on this circuit. Opportunities for passing should also be fairly common so lapping of back-markers may have a little less impact on the race leaders than on other tracks.

Why do I watch the formula 1 (when we already know Schumacher will win :) )?

Formula 1 is one of my favourite spectator sports. It's the one I'll watch as religiously as indoor lawn bowls. I do enjoy the real battles for position as a faster competitor shaves a tenth of a second per lap off his rival. I love seeing someone with a car that he knows is in trouble fight to keep it on the racetrack and remain just competitive enough to stay in the points. Oh, and you've got to love the blow-ups and the less serious accidents. The real reason I watch the Grand Prix, though, is pit strategy. I just love watching those masters at work. Do you pit two times, or three? How much fuel do we carry into qualifying? How many safety cars do we bet on coming out onto the racetrack. How do we change our strategy once something unexpected happens? There are some awesome strategists in formula 1 and I booming well love watching them at work.

Well, that's my first sports entry in this blog. I hope my gentle readers have enjoyed it. Perhaps I'll follow it up sometime with some Super Series bowls commentary (did anyone see Kelvin Kerkow's match yesterday? Awesome).

Fri, 2004-Jun-18


I just had to link to this.

Sun, 2004-Jun-13

My DISC profile

I've recently been on my first management retreat. Every such retreat needs a personality test to go with it, if only to break the ice. On this trip it was DISC.